About TMS


What is TMS?

TMS is a monitoring system which assesses how cows pass through the transition period (30 days pre-calving to 30 days post-calving).


It has been designed to be used as a management tool which helps farmers and nutritionists to pinpoint areas of management and nutrition that can be improved to see better transition performance.



How much does using TMS cost?

There is no charge to use the TMS service and it is completely hassle-free.  All of the on-farm assessments, data recording and generation of reports is undertaken by our TMS team.



What happens when I register for TMS?

You will be contacted by our TMS Manager in the first instance.  He will arrange for a trained assessor to visit your farm, run through the TMS system with you and collect the first month’s data.  Each month thereafter, one of our assessors will contact you in advance to arrange a convenient time to visit your farm to TMS score your cows.  Farms accepted onto the TMS system is at the discretion of Premier Nutrition.



What does TMS record?

Our TMS assessors record body condition, rumen fill, lameness and hock hygiene of all dry and fresh cows and heifers as well as incidences of metabolic disorders associated with transition, such as LDA’s, milk fevers and retained foetal membranes.   This data, together with your milk recording data (if available), is entered into our TMS system which combines to generate a TMS score for the month. 


The TMS report will show you this score as well as data on metabolic disease risks and incidences to identify areas that need your close attention.  The report includes month on month analysis plus a 3, 6 and 12-month rolling average so that you can assess whether management and nutritional changes you make are working positively.  Please see the example report below.


The report, data and individual cow scores are completely at your fingertips; you will be provided with login details and can view the information online at any time.




What happens after each TMS visit?

Your cow scores are entered into the TMS system and can be viewed online via your login.  The milk recording data is uploaded from either NMR/CiS each month and directly entered into the TMS system.  Once both processes are complete, this generates your TMS score for the month.


Once your data has been fully entered and uploaded on the site by your TMS assessor, you and your nutritionist will be automatically notified that your report is ready via email.   The report can be reviewed and changes you jointly identify can then be implemented.



How safe is my data?

AB Agri, Premier Nutrition’s parent company, takes data security extremely seriously.  Your data will be stored on their central servers which are thoroughly protected and regularly tested to ensure the highest level of data security.



What happens if I don’t want to use TMS any longer?

Please inform us and we will cancel any future TMS visits to your farm unless requested otherwise.



Email: tms@premiernutrition.co.uk | Web: www.premiernutrition.co.uk

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